Recent Submissions

  • Woe to you Pharisees! Woe to you lawyers also 

    Nabibia, Josaphat Wanyonyi (Tangaza University College, 2020-10)
  • The way of redemption for Africa 

    Giulio, Albanese (osservatoreromano, 2020-02-12)
    Africa is a continent deeply marked by the paradoxes of globalization. The contradictions are such that, as never before, the need to create a turning point capable of triggering change processes, to trace paths capable ...
  • Tangaza College 

    Jong, Albert De (Tangaza University College, 2009-10)
    Gedurende mijn laatste vakantie in Nederland werd mij herhaardelijk gevraagd wat ik nu eigenlijk doe daar in Nairobi. over het argemeen heeft men een vage notri aat iriop een soort groot-seminarie les geef, maar voor de ...
  • Chronology of the Genesis of the Licentiate in Mission Theology 

    Jong, Albert De (Tangaza University College, 2014)
    Prof. F. wijsen from the catholic Universiry of Nijmegen, Holland, who was lecturing in Tangaza College at that time, wrote a critical letter to the-Coordinator about the Master in Mission Theology. His main critical ...
  • Chronology of Genesis - Mission Theology in Dutch 

    Jong, Albert De (Tangaza University College, 2014)
    Het academisch jaar 2006-2007 was weer een hectische en drukke periode. Naast de gebruikelijke colleges werden er allerlei academische, culturele en sportieve activiteiten georganiseerd die de volledige aandacht van ieder ...
  • A Short History of Tangaza University College 

    Jong, Albert De (Tangaza University College, 2014)
    In 1985, in agreement with all the member congregations, The consolata Fathers undertook responsibility for building the facility on a site owned by them on Langata South Road. Simultaneousry, a committee drawn from the ...