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  • Innovative social initiatives that transform lives 

    Institute of Social Ministry (Tangaza University College, 2016-05)
    This newsletter targets students, alumni, supporters, partners, benefactors and organizations working for social transformation. We want to encourage and indeed invite our social transformers write and share their inspiring ...
  • Transforming Africa through Social Entrepreneurship 

    Institute of Social Ministry (Tangaza University College, 2016-11)
    In November 2016, the fifth cohort of MBA in social entrepreneurship graduated. This MBA program started in 2011 in collaboration with the Catholic University of Milan. This program has proved to be a successful program ...
  • Promoting Peace and Sustainable Security 

    Institute of Social Ministry (Tangaza University College, 2016-09)
    In this 3rd issue of our Alumni Newsletter, we focus on social transformation through Peace Building in Kenya, Ministry amongst pastoralists in Kenya, South Sudan and Prison ministry. From these stories we see practical skills ...
  • Chronology of the Genesis of the Licentiate in Mission Theology 

    Jong, Albert De (Tangaza University College, 2014)
    Prof. F. wijsen from the catholic Universiry of Nijmegen, Holland, who was lecturing in Tangaza College at that time, wrote a critical letter to the-Coordinator about the Master in Mission Theology. His main critical ...
  • Chronology of Genesis - Mission Theology in Dutch 

    Jong, Albert De (Tangaza University College, 2014)
    Het academisch jaar 2006-2007 was weer een hectische en drukke periode. Naast de gebruikelijke colleges werden er allerlei academische, culturele en sportieve activiteiten georganiseerd die de volledige aandacht van ieder ...

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