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  • Creation and Evolution: A Case in Christian Anthropology 

    Wafula, Robert O. (Tangaza University College, 2005)
    This essay is an attempt to understand the scientific evidence that organic evolution is a fact as pointed out by Pope John Paul II in his recent statement in (1996).1 It is an opportunity for me to see how religious ...
  • Courage! It's Me. Do Not Be Afraid. 

    Hakizimana, Aloys (Tangaza University College, 2005)
    After the 1994 Rwandan Genocide which swept away around one million of people and left many psychologically traumatized, I kept asking myself "why such a horror of war was not reacted to by all those who could to save ...
  • Communicating the Gospel Message in a War Context: The Case of Burundi. 

    Minani, Alberic (Tangaza University College, 2005)
    Background "Communicating the Gospel message in a war context: the case of Burundi" is but an exposition of my long personal inner meditation on the unique, hard and complex historical journey of the Burundian people. ...
  • Communicating Christ Momboli to the Lomwe People of Malawi. 

    Bafuta, Ludovic Madalitso (Tangaza University College, 2005)
    The very year I joined Tangaza College 2001, I was challenged by the assertion my teacher of Christ°logy made. I quote: "the cultural and life experience of the people express what kind of saviour they need".' Immediately ...
  • Church and Communication: The Church's Teaching on Social Communication and its Application in the Congolese Local Churches. 

    Nzabara-Ntuma, Paluicu (Tangaza University College, 2005)
    The Church is all about communication with and of God. Vatican H, in its dogmatic constitution Del Verbum, corroborates this reality and shows that the Church's essence is about communication with God and among her ...

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