Aristotle’s notion of governance as a reflection of leadership in our today’s Kenyan society

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In any given society it needs development in its current level to another for the better promotions of its people and fulfills their potentialities. This is enhancing into practice when the leaders of that society are fully committed to fulfill their work in order to attain that development. A leader has to take the mandate of ruling people in a proper way which is accountable and acceptable by all in agreement on what to be imprimented and actualized in time for the sake of development. For the society to develop and prosper well it needs the power of sovereign and the power of authority. These two are the major determinant on how the society should be and how it should enhance its practices to all individuals. According to Aristotle man is a political animal on what he wills and demands for he encounter of live and the people he is with. In his arguments we gate that we are obliged to have a vision on how to rule our appetites of power in order to attain our virtues living in this society. We are delegated to follow what we are directed to either by our wills or by our ruling authority in where we are enduring our daily activities. For the society to prosper it needs a clear and determined mind set from the leader to the serves of that society to attain that mind set in order to govern and lead the society into a better and adorable existence. We need each other in one way all the other, no man can survive alone without the dependence of the environment he is and the governance he is exposed to. If the governance is clear and focused on what is essential to all individual who are in that error, they are opted to fulfill them in a melodious way for all the success of his people. In the society we are today, most of the influences we have are from the prominent individuals who are powerful and dependent of what to take and to live on. For us to attain a successful and prospering society we need to be ready in enduring all the sacrifices for the determent of the society we are and for the coming generation.