Religion and Spirituality in Healing and Psychotherapy An African Perspective

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Tangaza University College
In the African traditional worldview, everything that happened was seen in the light of vital force, the principle of life, either in the physical existence or in the spiritual form of it. Life is an institution that was so important in the Africa and anything that did not support life, anything that was opposed to the principle of life was therefore dreaded, unwished and indeed punishable. Whatever was against the principle of life was considered evil against which serious measures were taken to fight it. Obviously in the Kamba traditional society illness, sickness and any form of misfortune – indeed anything that appeared to threaten human life and human existence was considered evil to be eliminated. Anything that violated the principle of peace and harmony in the community was considered evil; everything that promotes harmony, community peace, the well being and the life-force of the community was considered as something good and a social value for that matter. This study is an attempt to understand the concept of illness and sickness according to the African traditional world view of the Kamba community in Kenya as a case study.
Religion, Spirituality, African, Healing