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    Positive universities are responsible universities that are concerned about the well- being of their students and future generations. What kind of innovations do we have that improve wellbeing at university?
    (Tangaza University College, 2016-04-07) Payne, Steven
    Your Excellencies Letizia Moratti, Stefano Bonaccini, Andrea Gnassi, Jacques Attali, H.E. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, David Thorne, Stefania Giannini, distinguished fellow panelists, honoured guests, ladies and gentlemen, all protocols observed…. I want to begin with an expression of deep gratitude to the organizers for their invitation to the Positive Economy Forum. I am deeply honoured to be here among you today, to contribute on this round table discussion on the theme of positive knowledge and innovations in universities that contribute to the well-being of students and future generations. To be honest, I am an unlikely participant here, because I have no training or experience in politics, economics, business or the social sciences. Instead, my doctoral studies were in systematic theology and my area of specialization is spirituality! But by an unusual turn of events four years ago I became the Principal of Tangaza University College in Nairobi, where we host a very fruitful collaboration with ALTIS (the Graduate School of Business and Society of the Catholic University of Milan) and more recently with the E4Impact Foundation, a partnership between ALTIS, Securfin and major Italian industries. (I want to thank David Cheboryot, the coordinator of this programme at Tangaza, for his help in preparing these remarks.) And the chair of the E4Impact Foundation, Madame Letizia Moratti, is also the cofounder of this Positive Economic Forum here in Italy, among her many other accomplishments. So we have an important link with you. My experience at Tangaza and in connection with E4Impact have convinced me more than ever that such partnerships and collaborations must be a key component in a university’s efforts to promote positive social change.
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    Social Communications accomPaniment
    (Tangaza University College, 2002-09-07) Powell, Carmel
    Greetings as we begin another *eek of service here in our Tangaza comrnunity. As I briefly rnentioned to you on Fri&y afternoorq Sr' Paola and I have discussed the situation of the Social Communications faculty member to be the ,supervisor, named. Ms. this role. of tLrc,,Tangaza Visori, publication She has consulted with and hence, Jane Frances Angalia as the faculty member *ho will be responsible for It is to be hoped that the many problems we have encountered in recent years with the qualiry of tlie rnagazine content, as well as the'personnel concerns', may be addressed adequately by this approach. I have &afted letters to both Fr. Lacomara CP, tlre patroq and to Wisdorn, the student editor, to rhis effect, Please peruse these so as to indicate if they
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    Tangaza Update
    (Tangaza University College, 2005) Tangaza University College
    Peace and greetings to you from Tangaza College Update Editorial Team and wishing all the best in the New Year. On behalf of the Editorial Board, I would like to apologize for the delay in the production of the Update during the last semester. This was caused by the fact that we were still trying to organize the new Editorial Board and put together the structures we needed to operate. 201h January, 2005 This semester we plan to produce two issues as in the month of February, and the last issue in the month of April. I would like to request you for your contribution towards the first issue. Your article could probably be focused on the New Year and what vision you have for the College in the year, 2005. Thanking you for your continued support and looking forward to walking closely with you in making Tangaza update the voice of the colleg
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    Christian Newsletter
    (Tangaza University College, 2003) Tangaza University College
    Our belief that God indeed took our human nature and dwelt among us marks our essential difference from other believers in God. For us God is not only the "wholly­ other" but also ':Emmanuel, God-with-us". The splendour of this truth, one of the profound theological reasons for "incul­turation" and the "sacramental way" of communicating divine life, must touch the very fibre of our life and behaviour. For us Christians, because of the mystery of incarnation, the world and human history become the stage where the drama of human salvation is being played out. The mystery of the incarnation affirms the natural world as "good" though not "perfect" yet. The Grace flowing from the whole paschal mys­tery including Jesus' death, resurrection and sending of the Holy Spirit, perfects and redeems nature. Tangaza College Community wishes you a most blessed and happy celebration of God's goodness and love to the world. We at Tangaza are in a special way indebted to all our benefactors and donors who helped us and still help us to put up the essential structures and build up the academic resources necessary for the mission of the College of provid­ing ministerial preparation for Religious and Laity in the Church in Eastern Africa and the African continent as a whole. The College Community extends its greetings to the members of the Board of Governors, to the ecclesiastical authori­ties, to the authorities of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, to the benefactors and all other persons who are close­ly associated with our mission and growth. May you have a very holy and grace-filled Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Yours truly,
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    Innovative social initiatives that transform lives
    (Tangaza University College, 2016-05) Tangaza University College
    This newsletter targets students, alumni, supporters, partners, benefactors and organizations working for social transformation. We want to encourage and indeed invite our social transformers write and share their inspiring stories that are changing the face of Africa. Expect to read and see more transformative stories every two months.